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Property Rental in Berwick upon Tweed


Range of Property to let both Domestic & Commercial sector.

GMC property is a bespoke service offering our own range of property available to let both Domestic & Commercial. Call us to see if we can put together the perfect package for you. Though our network of other landlords we are now offering an extended range of property.

Landlord Service

GMC currently have a waiting list of tenants looking for property to let. If you are a land lord looking for a tenant GMC offer 3 levels of service to get you a tenant for your property.

  1. Find you a tenant and make the introduction for a one off fee at the start of the tenancy.
  2. Find you a tenant and provide you with our standard legal lease for a one off fee at the start of the tenancy.
  3. Full property management service including tenant management during lease. 10% of rental income.

Houses for Rent in Berwick upon Tweed

For more information on any of our properties please contact us on 01289 304409

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These days, an increasing number of people are renting and the quality and range of GMC rented accommodation is better than ever.

Renting is usually cheaper than owning and bills are more predictable too, which is great news for those who prefer stable finances. And with fewer outgoings, you can save more.

Renting offers more flexibility than owning - you can move somewhere else relatively quickly - useful if you plan to move for a new job or are going away to study. Also, it's less hassle than being an owner as you won't need to pay for property maintenance - most of that will be done for you.

More info available here on renting property from a private land lord. 

Houses for Rent in Berwick upon Tweed

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