Wood Worm Treatment

Sovereign Approved Contractor

Sovereign Approved Contractor

Every woodworm job starts with a survey - book here wood worm treatment covering Northumberland and southern Scotland.

GMC are registered Contractors for the treatment of woodworm.

We carry out a survey on the property then recommend a course of action with a quote.

GMC are registered to treat damp, fungus and wood boring insects. Once our work is complete we provide a insurance backed warranties on the work carried out for 10,15 or 20 years.

We carry out work for home owners, architects, insurance providers and finance institutions on a regular basis who require this type of work. wood worm treatment covering Northumberland and southern Scotland.

Lofts Sprayed with 20 year insurance backed warranty from £300.00

GMC use Sovereign chemicals and are Sovereign approved contractors

Timber Preservatives and Wood Stains


Whether your property is suffering the effects of rot or insect infestation or whether you simply want to protect and enhance the timbers, then Sovereign Chemicals Ltd has the complete range of timber preservatives for your use.

All Sovereign timber treatments are produced to ISO quality management standards and all timber products are approved for use by the Health and Safety Executive, for example for use in bat roosts. Additionally, Sovereign Chemicals Ltd has recently introduced a new generation of insecticide, Flurox, an Insect Growth Regulator. Thus the timber treatments incorporating Flurox are insect specific rather than those using the more traditional permethrin. Dual purpose preservatives incorporating Flurox and the fungicides IPBC and Propiconozole come in our liquid (concentrate) timber preservatives, Sovaq FLX F/I, and our emulsion paste, Deepkill, containing permethrin. The dry rot fungus is controlled using Sovereign Fungicidal Wall Solution (FWS Extra Super Concentrate).

Precautionary protection of timbers requires treatment using our range of coloured Timber Preservatives (solvent based) or Timber Preservative Dipcoats, and decorative woodstains, Sovereign SX70 woodstain and AQ70 woodstain, have been recognised as one of the leading brand names in the industry since the mid 1980’s.

The Sovereign family of timber preservatives and woodstains is easy to use yet provides the customer with a superior product for both internal and external use.

wood worm treatment covering Northumberland and southern Scotland.

Active Infestations

Sovereign have a range of wood preservatives to treat timber with problems such as wood boring insects like common furniture beetle, usually called simply woodworm. Other types of active infestations are wet rot and dry rot of timber. Where rot is a problem then our fungicidal preservative can be used. Dry rot can also affect masonry and a specialist fungicide is available for treatment of stone, brick and concrete. These products are supplied under the Sovaq brand which is a range of water dilutable micro-emulsions for active infestations. Where thick sectioned timber such as joists embedded in masonry needs a wood preservative treatment then Deepkill, a thick bodied, deeply penetrating product should be used. If joist ends are too far gone following an active infestation then rather than replacing the whole joist the timber can be repaired using a Sovereign Bower Beam
wood worm treatment covering Northumberland and southern Scotland.

Preventative Treatments

For new joinery or preservative treating wood before painting then Sovereigns range of preventative treatments are ideal. Our solvent based preservatives are available in a range of colours as well as clear. These fungicide and insecticide preventative treatments keep timber safe from wood boring insects such as woodworm and both wet and dry rot. Traditional boron rods for implanting into predrilled holes in timber are still available. Our dry rot paint can be used on both masonry and timber e.g. the back of skirting and architrave to prevent the spread of the dry rot fungus.
wood worm treatment covering Northumberland and southern Scotland.

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