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DECC proposing to cut solar feed-in tariff rates by 87%


The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is proposing to cut the feed-in tariff rates for solar PV installations by as much as 87%.

Publishing the outcome of the long-awaited feed-in tariff review, the government is proposing deep cuts to all bands from 1 January 2016.

Below are the proposed generation tariffs for 1 January 2016:

Download the official document below:



Feed-in tariff rate (p/kWh)

0-10kW               1.63

10-50kW            3.69

50-250kW          2.64

250-1000kW     2.28

>1MW                 1.03

Stand alone        1.03


Undoubtedly this will cause a huge demand for Solar PV before the 1st January 2016. GMC will be fitting systems until then but we advise potential clients to get orders in ASAP.


GMC will provide up-dates on this as they are announced.