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SOLAR Power for businesses

SOLAR Power for businesses The has never been a better for any business currently paying for electricity from the grid! It is best if you own the building you are in and don’t plan to move within the next 10 years! GMC-HQ is powered by the Sun! Photo above shows the system layout from above!…

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Solar Photovoltaic 3.9KW/h – March 2011

Berwick Area 16 X 245W Sharp Monocrystaline modules 1 X Diehl Ako Platinum 3800 S Inverter Click fit mounting System This system is expected to produce more than 2,925KW/h per annum and produce in the region of £1,600.00 worth of income and savings on electricity costs to the customer. The cost of this system was…

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Solar Photovoltaic 2.4KW/h – March 2011

10 x 245W Sharp Monocrystaline Modules 1 x SMA SB2500 Inverter Click fit mounting System   This system was fully mounted by 2 GMC roofers in 5 hours and fully comissioned and producing electricity by 3pm the same day. The inverter is located in the attic above the garage with only total generation meter and…

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