SOLAR Power for businesses

SOLAR Power for businesses

The has never been a better for any business currently paying for electricity from the grid! It is best if you own the building you are in and don’t plan to move within the next 10 years!

GMC-HQ is powered by the Sun!

Photo above shows the system layout from above! 56 panels total 15kwp

  • 16x285w black panels facing south
  • 20×280 poly panels facing West
  • 20×280 poly panels facing East

The system is controlled with Solar Edge electronics which comes with a 12 year extendable warranty! Solar Edge is GMC Solar’s premium solar offering to market. more info here

Each panel is controlled and optimised for output

The above screen shot from the solar edge online monitoring portal shows what each solar panel is producing at anyone time!

The above screen shows the consumption monitoring portal showing how we use our energy and exactly where and when we are using energy! The above information tells us that generate way more than we use. On this day, generating 109kw’s and using 48kw’s. 32 of the 48 came from our own system at Zero cost while still getting paid 4p for generating it!