Solar Photovoltaic 3.9KW/h – March 2011

Berwick Area

16 X 245W Sharp Monocrystaline modules

1 X Diehl Ako Platinum 3800 S Inverter

Click fit mounting System

This system is expected to produce more than 2,925KW/h per annum and produce in the region of £1,600.00 worth of income and savings on electricity costs to the customer.

The cost of this system was off-set by the customer requiring roofing work, GMC were able to provide all services required.


Testimonial from the Customer

“The PV array was professionally installed at a sensible no nonsence price by GMC contractors in double quick time. Whatsmore, with the ‘Feed in Tariff’ it represents the best possible financial investment available at this time allowing me to enjoy unrivalled returns on my investment while doing my bit for the environment at the same time. It’s win win all the way and I don’t say that very often!”

With regards performance to date, May has produced 545Kwh of electricity which is actually less than April despite the sun being higher. Only had one full sun day in May! Exceptionally sunny April made nearly 600 Kwh. Total from 10th March to 6th June is now 1425Kwh. I reckon the half year between the spring and autumn equinox will make close to the full years predicted output leaving the the other half (winter) to make up a desirable surplus!