LG 300w Black Solar Panels

LG 300w Neon Black solar panel

New high out panels fitted by GMC Solar. As part of GMC’s continued investment in Solar PV we are now stocking LG latest high out panel the  LG 300w Black Solar Panels Neon Range.

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Gaining an additional 50 watts over standard output panels. There are other higher output panels on the market but these are usually larger in size where the LG panels are standard size 1.6×1.0m.
The lads are on site this week 10th November fitting the first of the stock. This property can only physically fit 12 panels so using these panels the output is increased from 3.0kw using standard panels to 3.6kw using the LG300w Neons!
With a module efficiency of 18.3% and back up with LG warranty these are a very attractive full package for any solar PV system.

half the 3.6kw system

half the 3.6kw system









We are currently providing quotes using this panel alongside our usual range of panels to meet client’s requirements; at GMC we consider budget, output and aesthetics when designing your system.
GMC engineers are currently designing a 4.0 kW system which faces multiple orientations including south, East & West. This system is designed using a Solar Edge inverter. GMC use Solar Edge over other micro inverters for various reasons. The original system using 16 x 250w panels

8 x south facing panels (2.0kw)
4 x east facing panels (1.0kw)
4x west facing panels (1.0kw)

By swapping to 300 panels we reduce the system to 13 panels providing 3.9kw peak.
8 x south facing panels (2.4kw)
3 x east facing panels (0.9kw)
2 x west facing panels (0.6kw)

Looking at the above you can see we have increased the south facing part of the system which will increase the output of the system maximising the return. You will also notice we have favoured the east facing array over the west. This is due to East facing systems out performing west facing systems in the North East of England & Southern Scotland.


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