Money saving expert advises to install solar panels

solar panels by GMC solar

Popular website money saving expert are still advising to install solar Panels to generate electricity for their homes and business!



Article taken from the money saving expert article:

If you’ve £7,000+ knocking about, you could get some of this back in electricity savings and feed-in payments for the energy you produce.

The key to all this is that with the current feed-in tariff:

A typical system costs £7,000, but over 20 years, the feed-in payments and electricity savings could add up to roughly £16,000.

Solar panels used to be a no-brainer. When the Government launched the feed-in scheme, people typically got a gobsmacking £1,100+ per year in payments. The cash was guaranteed for 25 years, so that was at least £27,500 back – not taking into account electricity savings.

The Government slashed these payments so now £630 a year is typical (at current feed-in rates), rising with inflation. Payments are now only locked in for 20 years, paying out £13,000 in total.

At the same time, solar panel prices have dropped. A typical system now costs around £7,000 rather than £10,000.


GMC install complete 4.0kw systems for between £5,250.00 and £6,000.00 depending on system type and property.

GMC have been registered to install solar panels since 2010 and fitted over 200 systems across Northumberland and southern Scotland.

GMC solar panel systems all come with fully project managed installation team and warranties to back up the system installed. We have a wide range of systems and products to suit all clients.

Solar panels are good because:

  • Generate an income for the house hold tax free!
  • Reduce energy bills
  • Are good for the environment producing free green energy during the day

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