Property Upgrade

GMC recommended up-grades. With all property up-grades GMC always focus on making the property ‘LOW ENERGY’ before looking at renewable sources of energy. Reducing the need for energy is always the best option. With property up-grades each property is different and GMC look at a wide range of options to get the property performing to its potential and using measures which represent value for money and within the home owners budget.


Property up-grades

Floor insulation Zero, with a large space below the suspended floor of the this property GMC were able to access this void and fit between the floor joists 150mm mineral wool, preventing heat loss through the floor.

Ceiling insulation 100mm, by up grading this amount of insulation from 100mm to 400mm and also up grading the loft hatch to a sealed draught free model, vertical heat loss is minimised.

12 year old combi boiler, replaced with a new efficient combi with modern controls for heat & water, keeping the property warm with efficient use of gas.

Wood burning stove fitted to the main living area to provide space heating, the heating control room thermostat automatically switches off the boiler once the heat from the stove warms the property.

3.9 kwp Solar Photovoltaic system, providing the property with free electricity during day light hours and a tax free cash income via the feed in tariff.


These up-grades where all carried out with the client still in the property. The work caused minimal disruption to home occupants while the work was carried out.

With the combined performance of the installed measures have lowered the properties gas consumption by over 40% and the electricity consumption is a fraction of what it was.


What the home owner said: Since GMC carried out the work August 2011, our home is warmer than ever for a fraction of the cost. Neil explained all costs up-front and gave us options for the property so we could choose what suited us.