Solar Electric panel up-date February 2015

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Solar Electric panel up-date February 2015
With 2014 a distant memory, GMC Solar are seeing a big lift in Solar electric panel sales to the start of 2015.

The current Feed in Tariff (FIT) for a usual 4.0 kw system is 13.88p until 31st March 2015 where it will reduce to 13.39p

This reduction in the tariff only effects the FIT payment the export opportunity and the bill savings are un-effected. Because of this the tangible difference with the new tariff is roughly £15.00 per year depending on system size and efficiency.
Worked example for a domestic solar pv system
(based on out of 4.0kw system installed by GMC in North Northumberland)
(This system was fully installed with immersion by-pass system for £6,000.00 incl.VAT)

4.0 kw system producing 4000 kw’s per year
Feed in tariff          4000 x 13.88                  = £555.00
Export 50%            2000 x 4.88                    = £97.00
Total income          £555 x £97                      = £652.00

Bill Savings using half of energy generated
2000 x 13p                                                        = £260.00

Yearly benefit to owner £652 + £260         = £912.00
Pay back £6,000.00 ÷ £912.00                   = 6.58 years pay back

Payment rates are index linked with inflation and reviewed every year for 20 years.

There has never been a better time to invest in your property with the addition of Solar panels.

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