solar power last chance

solar panels

solar power last chance

SOLAR PV Feed in Tariff closes to all new applicants from 1st April 2019.


This change does not affect any existing applications or systems already registered.


Since 2011 GMC have installed over 400 systems in Northumberland and Southern Scotland. Solar PV has never been so affordable with greater flexibility in system size and use there is now a system for almost any application!


Check list

  1. Roof space or ground space! Minim 15m²
  2. Must be facing ideally South through to East or West.
  3. Do you use electricity?

Typical system 14x 295w panels 4.1kw system

Output in killowatts 3,444 (this energy is for you to use!

FIT (3.8p) x 3,444              = £130.00

Export (5p) x 1,722          = £86.00

Total annual payment   = £216.00

Bill savings if you were to use 50% of the power generated by the system you could reduce your energy bill by (1,722 x 13p) = £223.00

Based on the typical system in this example costing £5,200.00


Return on investment
FIT + Savings (216 + 223) = £436.00  

Payback £5,200.00 / 436 = 11.9 year payback 8.3% ROI

With larger systems & higher energy use the payback time is reduced and the ROI is increased. For business who use large amounts of power this is increased further.


Now is the time to get on board before the FIT is gone forever!

Call us now for an estimate.


Ofgem FIT rate information : OFGEM

impartial information here: energy saving trust