Solar PV hybrid System

solar PV hybrid consumption graph - Solax

Solar PV Hybrid System  – Integrated Battery Storage with grid tied solar PV systems

Since the beginning of GMC’s involvement in the Solar Photovoltaic industry we have always been curious and popular question during survey calls has always been ‘Can I Store my power to use at night?’

Well now you can!

GMC have been watching this area of development for some years waiting for a good product and now we have 2!

Both (click to link to manufactures site for full information)

Solax – Hybrid X

solar PV hybrid consumption graph - Solax

solar PV hybrid consumption graph – Solax






Solar Edge – Storedge

Solar Edge are a leading inverter manufacture using panel level optimisation for maximising output of any PV system. They have teamed up Tesla home Power wall to offer this amazing package! have your home powered by a super car energy source!

Tesla Power wall

Tesla Power wall






So what is it?

The system operates exactly the same as any other grid tied solar pv system, with one major difference, where as a standard system exports any excess energy back to the grid, these systems divert the energy to battery storage unit. The system does this all day for all excess energy, then once the system output reduces with the day light as night approaches the system automatically draws the stored power from the battery unit until it is exhausted only then will the house start to draw power from the grid again.

Both manufactures claim 80% solar power usage is easily achievable.

Does it effect my feed in tariff?                NO!

The way all solar pv systems are paid (below 30kw) is on actual output and deemed export at 50% of total output!

Get paid the same but same more on your energy bills!!

Solax Hybrid X available now July 2015 – Solar Edge (Storedge) available from later 2015.

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