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Solar PV installation at family home

17.0 kwp Solar PV, Ground Mount

GMC Solar Install teams have recently finished installing a 17 kwp ground mounted solar PV system for a domestic customer in North Northumberland. The property is off gas grid and a listed building with beatiful external characteristics not suitable for a Solar PV system due to aesthetics.

With this in mind the system was positioned in a near by field used for grazing live stock, connected to the property by under ground cable. With this system design the home is completed uneffected by the PV system. The property is heated by Air Source Heat Pump, which has a high electricity demand. Making Solar PV the perfect choice to reduce the energy cost for this property.


Solar PV - Inverters

Solar PV – Inverters

The system is secured using a K2 ground mounted system. This is a metal frame, secured to concrete foundations specified by a structural engineer. The system controls are mounted on the rear of the frame kept in the shade for maximum efficiency. The inverters used are German manufactured leading brand SMA. 3 x 5000TL producing 15kw’s at peak performance. This system is estimated to produce over 15,000 kW of free green electricity per year!

The Array shares the field with livestock grazing! The Array takes up minimal ground along the border of the field; it makes no noise or movement pollution to disturb any of the surrounding wildlife or livestock. PV has minimal impact on its surrounding whatever the application, which is what makes it so appealing to businesses and homes across the UK. With current Feed in tariff levels and cost to install cheaper than ever, now is the time to invest in your home or businesses future energy requirements.


Solar PV Ground Mount system

Solar PV Ground Mount system

Installing PV systems since 2011, GMC have installed over 200 systems from 2 panels to 200 panels. For homes & businesses across Northumberland and the Scottish Borders. We access each project with a fresh perspective and prescribe the appropriate system for property and individual. For more information on how a GMC solar PV system can enhance your home or business please contact us for a free appraisal site survey, by one of our surveyors. The survey and quote is free and we only employ solar professionals no sales executives!

Live stock and solar PV

Live stock and solar PV