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Structural repairs

Structural works to seaside home

GMC are currently replacing some structural steel work to a property in Northumberland. As part of a major refurbishment by the client to up-grade this property to modern standards to operate as a Holiday cottage.
Situated on the sea front at Spittal beach although the views and position are amazing the salty sea air has taken its toll on the 100 year old steel work supporting the front of the building over the bay window.

The GMC team are highly skilled and experienced in this type of work. The design team are experienced in spotting problems that may seem obvious at first glance.
There were no signs internally or externally that this steel beam was so badly corroded.


ST. ALT. SPIT (2)DAy 1 on site the GMC team erect our own scaffold to safely execute the work from the exterior before setting to work on exposing the decayed steel work.






ST. ALT. SPIT (3)Once exposed the Team set about propping the structure with temporary supports . With the supports in place the old steel work is removed.







ST. ALT. SPIT (4)With the old steel work out of the way, the existing walls are prepared to support new steel work.






ST. ALT. SPIT (1)With the new steel work in place the wall is rebuilt from the steel work to support the front facade.






IMG_0590 (Small)Check out the steel beam the GMC team removed from the building! not much left!