telsa powerwall install in Scottish Borders

tesla powerwall scottish borders

Tesla Powerwall Install September 2016

GMC are on site this week installing possibly the first Tesla Powerwall in the Scottish Borders!


GMC Solar are the only Tesla certified installer in the area.

With GMC already Solar-edge installers we were delighted these top amazing products have teamed up to offer this package!

With this particular project the client wanted to maximise his Solar PV system so GMC designed a large 9.0kw system connected to a single phase supply notifiable under G59 regulations to the network operator SP Energy networks. The application was re-fused on the grounds that the local grid was at saturation and no more micro generators over 16amp per phase can be connected.

With this disappointing news GMC design team went back to the drawing board and designed a new 5.25kwp (21 x black 250 Seraphim panels)  system connected to a Solar Edge 4000SE (16amp rated) inverter. Solar-edge systems can be over sized to 120% with this system split across East & West facing roof areas it is the ideal solution. With current tariff rates not limiting the size of the system it was the logical choice.

While this design was being prepared GMC completed the application & training to become Tesla certified installers which gives customers the unlimited cycle 10 year warranty to internet connect Tesla Powerwall systems. Solar-edge equipment comes with a standard 12/25 year warranty.

The online data collected is extensive by both Solar-edge & Tesla giving the customer feedback on consumption & system output. While at the same time the thermally controlled Tesla Powerwall is monitored by Tesla HQ and up-dated as required to keep the system running to its optimal

The system is currently being fitted and a full write up is to follow – 23-09-16