Town House refurbish in Berwick upon Tweed

Town house Berwick upon Tweed

Town House refurbish in Berwick upon Tweed – Town house restoration Berwick upon Tweed

GMC have been assissting this client for over 4 years on the sympathetic refurbishment of this historic town house within the castle gate area of Berwick upon Tweed

GMC removed the cement render from the building revealing a beautiful stone facade hidden for years by painted cement render. Once the render was removed, the stone joints were picked back and washed. The GMC restoration team then re-pointed the joints using a appropriate Sand, Lime, Cement mix. The mix ratios are of vital importance and must match the predicted weathering rate of the sand stone. If this mix is not correct, then frost damage and Accelerated weathering/erosion will occur.


Castle gate Berwick upon Tweed


Town house Berwick upon Tweed










The client completed the external renovation with a suitable front door manufactured locally by WRM Joinery fitted by GMC joinery team.

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